The Computer Skills Assessment Test!
by Loui Tucker

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You laughed at the joke about the person who wanted to backup a computer, but could not figure out how to get it into reverse. And you laughed at the joke about the person who took the computer in to have the cupholder repaired only to be told the "cupholder" was actually a CD drive. But just how computer savy are YOU??? It's time to take the --

C. S. A. T.
[Computers Skills Assessment Test]

Give yourself one point for each "yes" or "true" response.

(Word or Word Perfect)
1.  I can create a new document, or open an existing document, edit it, print it and save it.
2.  I can change fonts and font size.
3.  I can create a table.
4.  I can create a merge form and a list of names and combine them using the merge function.
5.  I can write a macro.
6.  I can edit a macro.
7.  I can create a pull-down menu.
8.  I can convert a Word document to Word Perfect and vice versa.

9.    I can read, create, respond to and forward an email message.
10.  I can attach a document to an email message.
11.  I can download, open and save an attachment to an email message.
12.  I can create a new email account in Outlook, Outlook Express, or a similar email client.
13.  I can use Google or a similar search engine.
14.  I can add a webpage to my Favorites (Bookmarks).
15.  I can manage or edit Favorites (Bookmarks).
16.  I know at least one alternative to Internet Explorer.
17.  I manage my own website.

18.  I can change the appearance of my desktop.
19.  I can add, remove, or change the password on my computer.
20.  I can add and delete programs on my computer
21.  I know the function of all the icons on my desktop.
22.  I know how to copy data files to a CD.
23.  I know how to burn music files to a CD.

24.  My computer data is backed up regularly.
25.  I have checked to make sure my back up system works and I can retrieve data from the backup media.
26.  The backup data is stored securely and in a location separate from my computer. (If your office burns down, will your backup media be destroyed along with your computer?)
27.  I have virus protection on my computer.
28.  The virus definitions for my virus protection software are current.
29.   I use one or more of the following programs:

       a.  Ad-Aware
       b.  Spybot
       c.  Spysweeper

30. I know what the following acronyms or terms mean: (one point for each)
       a.   ISP
       b.   DSL
       c.   CPU
       d.   USB
       e.   RAM
       f.    flash drive
       g.   read-only
       h.    router
       i.   worm
       j.    hacker


31. I know what the following file extensions mean. (one point for each)
       a.   exe
       b.   pdf

       c.   txt
       d.   dll
       e.   wpd
       f.    doc
       g.   wpt
       h.   xls
       i.    htm
       j.    log
       k.   mpg
       l.     jpg
       m.  tif
       n.   gif
       o.   com  

       p.   org

       q.   bmp 

       r.    hlp
       s.  pps

       t.    ico

32. These are universal shortcuts. Do you know what they do?

       a.     Control+A
       b.     Control+B
       c.     Control+C
       d.    Control+F
       e.    Control+G
       f.     Control+I
       g.    Control+N
       h.    Control+O
       i.     Control+P
       j.     Control+S
       k.    Control+U
       l.     Control+X
       m.   Control+Z
       n.    Alt+F4
       o.    Control+F4

1-10   Step away from that computer. If you insist on using it, we suggest a crash helmet and a safety harness.
11-20   You're doing the best you can. You don't use the computer for much besides reading email a few times a week, do you?
21-30   Still a wee bit wet behind the ears, but this can be remedied. Want to talk to one of us about some training?
31-45   With a little more knowledge, you could be a real player. Could your skills use some fine-tuning in a specific area?
46- and above   A certified Computer Geek and probably a proud one too!


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