Word Perfect Versus Microsoft Word

First, please don't send me email calling me crazy, foolish, stupid, or short-sighted. Don't write me to say that Word is a superior program, or more user-friendly, or more compatible with other software, or Corel is going to disappear within the year, or that Microsoft is taking over the world so I'd better get on the boat, or anything else. I've heard it all. It won't do any good. It's similar to trying to convince PC people to switch to Macs. You are not going to change my mind.

Time Constraints.

Four years ago I was still actively supporting both Word and Word Perfect. There came a time when I had to pick one program or the other. I didn't want to just be competent, I wanted to be an expert in whichever program I chose. I wanted to be able to write macros and build menus and work magic with that program. I didn't have the time to stay an expert in both programs. I had to choose. I chose Word Perfect.

I still provide support for Word.

I still have clients who use Word and I support it. I have written macros and designed templates and installed some highly successful and innovative applications in Word, but working in Word is just more cumbersome and time-consuming and ultimately less satisfying. I will be happy to come to your office and provide a demonstration of EITHER or BOTH of these programs and the add-ons I have created.

I can do more with Word Perfect than with Word.

The kinds of projects I'm asked to do, the types of menus and forms and templates and macros I'm asked to develop, I can do more efficiently in Word Perfect. Once created, if a client has a problem, wants to make a change, or needs to add a feature, it is easier to make the modifications over the phone when the project is in Word Perfect. My clients can read and understand the macro language, and the forms and templates are in an environment they are familiar with and understand.

I have not found any feature in Word that I wish I had in Word Perfect, and when I occasionally have to work with Word, there are plenty of times I'm swearing because I cannot easily do (and sometimes cannot do at all) something I could do in Word Perfect.

My clients use Word Perfect.

Most of my clients started with Word Perfect and are reluctant to change. In fact, I still have a few clients who have never switched from Word Perfect 5.1! Word Perfect has been very responsive to the needs of the legal field (most of my clients are law firms). I have had several clients over the past five years switch to Word and, after a few months of frustration, give me a call because they have switched back to Word Perfect. There are some features of Word Perfect (Reveal Codes among them) that they find they just can't live without.

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