Deposition Summaries

My summaries are approximately 10% of the original transcript.
This means a 100-page transcript is reduced to 10 pages.

Free pick up and delivery up to 60 miles.

I provide an index of important names, words, and phrases.

I provide a disk of the summaries on each case. You can combine the summaries and do word searches.

I charge by the page: $2.00 for each page of the original transcript.
This means that it will cost you $200 to have a 100-page transcript summarized. (Counting from the first FULL pertinent page to the last FULL pertinent page).

Turn-around can be as little a 24 hour for a 100-page transcript (but you'll pay a surcharge). Typically I receive several transcripts with a deadline at least a week away.

View a Sample Page:

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Why use an outside service to summarize deposition transcripts?

It depends on how your transcripts are currently being summarized. Ask yourself these questions:

Is it your current procedure to have a paralegal or law clerk or associate attorney read the transcript and dictate or handwrite the summary, and then have a word processor or typist transcribes the tape or handwritten pages into a computer?

How long does it take to dictate or handwrite the summary of a 100-page deposition?

What are you paying your paralegal/law clerk/associate per hour?

How long does it take to transcribe the dictation or handwritten pages?

What are you paying your word processing or other support staff per hour?

Could these staff members be spending their time more productively if someone else did the summarizing?

Can your staff keep up with the requests for deposition summaries?

Would hiring an outside service relieve the backlog of depositions waiting to be summarized?

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