My Clients

I have worked with over 100 law firms in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I've worked with sole practitioners as well as firms that fill several floors of a building and have branches in other cities.

I've worked with long-established firms, and I've helped set up new firms from scratch.

I've worked with groups of attorneys who are joining forces, helping them combine their offices, convert their software, and get disparate technologies to work together.

I have clients I have never actually met, never set foot in their offices. My services and products are installed and managed via email and phone!

I have a wide variety of non-legal clients, including a dog groomer, several real estate agents, a wedding photographer, a gardening service, a travel agent, and a venture capitalist.

I helped firms over the word processors-to-computers hurdle, and then the DOS-to-Windows hurdle, and finally the Y2K hurdle. I've even helped a few over the MacIntosh-to-PC hurdle!

Remember that I am experienced, flexible, creative, and eager to please!

What The Legal Community Says About Loui Tucker And Superior Office Support

xOur firm has been working with Loui Tucker for a few years and we continue to seek her assistance whenever necessary. She helped us develop our internal forms. Loui has created and set up complex templates and macros for our firm’s estate planning documents. Loui assisted us in organizing and creating macros. The menus she created are easy to use and easy to update when necessary. She is professional and very insightful. Most importantly, her work product enabled us to be more efficient with our clients, something we appreciate.
--Gloria Dunson, Legal Secretary, Temmerman, Cilley & Kohlmann

“I have been with my law firm for almost five years, and sincerely enjoy the legal arena.  If it were not for the great services and training of Loui Tucker’s Superior Office Support, our firm’s word processing systems would not be as automated and simplified.  Loui has created and set up complex templates and macros for our firm’s estate planning packages, civil litigation practice, and simple forms we use daily. My every day legal activities are met with ease in knowing she continues to offer us support and especially me when it comes to learning something new with the various software programs that she is extremely knowledgeable about and trained on. I personally can count on a rapid response when I need a quick answer to a specific request. 
Kim Ratto, Legal Secretary, McGlashan & Sarrail, P.C.

I discovered Loui Tucker's business at just the right time -- when I was on the verge of opening my own law office. I had assumed I would be spending days creating templates for letterhead, envelopes, fax cover sheets, captioned pleadings - the works.  Loui made it all happen seemingly overnight.  The forms she developed look professional, the menus make them easy to access and use, and I was up and running without the stress or bother of doing it all myself. What a wonderful service!
-- Gloria Flores-Cerul, Family Law Attorney, CFLS

WOW!  Your workshop was the best workshop I have attended to date.  I'm one of those diehard WordPerfect users, and you taught me more in an hour and a half that I have been able to learn on my own in a year. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak to us.
-- Michele J. Ross, Paralegal to Gary D. Schwartz, Esq.

I have thanked my lucky stars every day that I found Loui.  A few years ago, I was a retired legal secretary and then I found myself in the position of having to go back to work.  The problem was that all of my experience was pre-Windows.  Even though I had used and had been intimately familiar with TimeSlips, Legal Solutions, WordPerfect, and other software in the past, there was nothing that could have prepared me for the challenge I faced with Windows and all the new software. 

My husband did a web search for me and found Loui’s website.   I immediately contacted her, and she came to my office and began the task of training me.  I honestly cannot say enough good things about her!  She is a wonderful and patient teacher who not only taught me well, but also gave me confidence in my own abilities.  There is no doubt in my mind that without Loui, I would have been unable to stay in the legal field, or any job that required these various software programs.

I would highly recommend Loui to anyone.
-- Susan Stuart, Law Offices of Thomas Camp, Lafayette, CA

I have used Loui's services for many years. Recently two firms joined together - two firms with very different procedures, forms, etc. Loui met with us all, incorporated all the forms into one cohesive package, installed the package, and then held training sessions to make sure everyone was comfortable. She also created a macro which allowed us all to automatically update our letterhead, pleading, proof of service, and fax sheet with the new name and address. I can't begin to guess the number of staff hours she saved for us.
-- Paulette Schloetter, Corsiglia McMahon & Allard

We’ve used Loui’s Word Perfect macros and forms for years and don’t know how we’d get along without them.
-- Anna Obi at Sheuerman & Martini

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