Professional Background And Training

8 years as a junior high school teacher, teaching English, Spanish, and later adding history and geography when transferred to the bilingual program. If I can handle thirty 12 to 14-year-olds at a time, teaching an adult how to use a computer is pretty easy by comparison!

2 years as a legal secretary for a general practitioner. I got a great foundation in a wide range of the law: litigation, personal injury, transaction, real estate, family law, estate planning, probate, etc.

2 years working for a company that sold and serviced word processors (before computers took over the work place), teaching new users how to use the word processor and developing applications to make the software work better for the specific clients.

Over 25 years supporting law offices (although I have had a few business clients who were not in the legal field): temporary legal secretary, training on computer software, deposition summaries, developing applications to customize the software for particular clients, software consultant for upgrades, conversions, networking, etc.

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by Loui Tucker

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