Dancing With Cancer

     It all started as an easier way to answer all the emails expressing concern and asking questions about her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

     When Loui Tucker tired of typing the same responses or copying the same paragraphs, she started writing and sending one email update per week, every Sunday night for almost ten months.

     Those weekly essays became a real-time journey shared by hundreds of readers. While writing about the physical problems associated with cancer treatment, she educated them about drug therapies and their side effects, mammograms, and alternative medicine. More importantly, she opened a window into her heart and soul, and let others learn the lessons, find the humor, and savor the victories along the way.

     This isn't a book about surviving cancer. It's about thriving. It's a book written with candor, forthrightness, and conviction. It's a book about cancer that's inspirational, compelling, joyful, and intensely honest.

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