Where to Dance, Dance Music, Dance Descriptions, Dance Videos, etc.

I started out in the late 1970's using a record player and LP's and 45's.
Through the years I converted to cassette tapes and compact discs. I
currently play wav, mp2 and mp3 files on a computer using a software
program designed for DJ's called DJPower. If you are interested in learning more about the latest DJ computer technology contact me or visit www.djpower.com.

I maintain a computer database and an extensive library of historical
documents, newsletters, dance notations, lyrics to songs, as well as the music (on records, tapes, CD's, and on my computer). The collection is focused on Israeli music and dance because that's my specialty, but my library of international materials is also large.

If you're looking for information, music, dance notations, etc., contact me and let me know what you're looking for. If I don't have it, I'll try to find out where you can get it.

Israeli Dance

The Israeli Dance Institute at www.israelidanceinstitute.org

A great source of videos and CDs of Israeli dances is Rokdim, which can be found at www.rokdim.co.il

For a huge database of dance names, choreographers, dates of creation, notations, source for video and audio, etc.: www.israelidances.com

If you're interested in the words to the songs you're listening to, want to know who's the singer or composer of the lyrics: www.hebrewsongs.com

To search the internet for more information on Israeli Dance, go to www.google.com and type in "Israeli Dance"

Israeli Dance In Your Area

SF Bay Area Location Contact
Palo Alto - Thursday nights Karina Lambert
Kensington - Wednesday nights Cafe Simcha
Santa Cruz - Tuesday nights Alan Rothchild
Palo Alto - Saturdays once a month Aaron Alpert
San Francisco - Saturday nights once a month and Tuesdays once a week Udy Gold

US Location Contact
Chicago Phil Moss
Miami Peggy Elimelech
San Diego Dalya Dallal

Location outside of the US Contact
Toronto Laurie Markus
Vancouver Nona Malki
England Roberto Haddon
Australia/New Zealand Les Posen
Austria/Germany Matti Goldschmidt

International Dance

Northern California Folk Dance Federation
Lots of information about Northern California dance locations, dance camps, festivals and workshops, dance notations, etc. Subscribe to Let's Dance! Magazine.

National Folk Organization - Where to Dance
In addition to this page of links to places to dance, this is a full-service site with information about EVERYTHING having to do with international folk dance around the U.S.. Explore!

To search the internet for more information on International Dance, go to www.google.com and type in "International Dance"

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