Dates for next few months of Adopt-A-Highway Trashathons in 2020: All Adopt-A-Highway work has been cancelled by Cal-Trans because of COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders, until possibly August 2020.

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PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF that some people are lazy, irresponsible, inconsiderate slobs! The reason we have trash on our highways is because there are some people who think the entire world is their trash can.

Recycling Fact Sheet


We are officially part of the California Adopt-A-Highway program.


Areas we usually clean: Our assigned area is the north side of 280 between the Meridian Avenue and Saratoga Avenue (approx. 2.5 miles), including the intersection of 280 with 880/17. If we have enough crew members, we also work on The Alameda on-ramp and off-ramp to Highway 17 and sometimes parts of the Meridian/Southwest Expressway interchange. We also try to keep Moorpark and Parkmoor between Bascom and Leigh clean because they are de facto on-ramps and off-ramps in this area.


When do we meet and how long to we work: We will meet at 9:00 AM and get to worksites by 9:15 AM or so. [Please don't be late.] We work until about 12:30. After the work shift, all participants are welcome to come to the Round Table Pizza Parlor on Bascom near Stokes for pizza - my treat!


Who can participate: You must at least 16 years old to work on the highways in California. If you are under 18, you must have a Consent to Participate signed by a parent or guardian Click Here  Print out that page, get it signed, and you can work on a crew. If you do not bring a consent form, I cannot allow you on a work crew.


Supplies: Each volunteer receives a bright yellow safety vest that says ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY on it, a hard hat, gloves, goggles, a pick-up stick, and a supply of big trash bags. If you have your own work gloves, please bring them. The ones that are supplied will keep your hands clean, but are not a very good defense against the burrs and thorns.


What to wear: Wear clothing and shoes that you don't care about getting dirty. You must wear long pants and a shirt with long sleeves. If you're working in the late spring or summer, you might want to bring along a cooler tshirt or even shorts to change into after the cleanup. DO NOT bring mp3 players or ipods to listen to while you work. You must be able to hear the traffic and any alerts and warnings from fellow workers, etc. Likewise, your cell phone must stay in your pocket while you're working -- no texting and no talking except in an emergency!


The meeting place: We will be gathering at the corner of Moorpark Avenue and Leigh Avenue, on the north side of the street, across from San Jose City College. Look for people wearing bright yellow vests ON THE LEFT (see photo).  Whether you are driving on 280 North or 280 South, take the Leigh-Bascom exit. In both cases, it is a slide off to the right of the freeway. Groups of workers will carpool down to the worksite as soon as we have carloads of people supplied and ready to go. We will be gone by 9:15, so please don't be late!


What to do now: Email me at and let me know you're coming to help. That way I can plan how many of the supplies to bring and how to organize the work crews. It is very sad when I have to turn people away because I don't have vest, grippers and bags for everyone.


Thanks in advance.


Loui Tucker
408-287-9999 or 408-771-4542